Benefits of InterRail

by eurolux on April 1, 2012

InterRail Europe

Those who frequently travel around Europe will probably be familiar with the idea if InterRail. In a nutshell, this is a rail pass which is available to anyone who has been a resident within Europe for at least six months, allowing them to travel around Europe by train for a predefined period of time. The passes are valid within a large number of European countries, and ticket price is based on the number of days which are spent travelling within any given month, rather on individual train journeys themselves.

Whilst train travel might not initially seem like the most luxurious option available, it is worth bearing in mind that InterRail passes certainly have a good number of benefits.
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From Castles to Luxury Hotels in Scotland

by eurolux on March 29, 2012

From the traditional to the unusual, there are loads of different hotels in Scotland to choose from. The land of lochs, highlands and thistles guarantees that your surroundings are five star (as long as you don’t pitch your tent in the middle of Glasgow), whether you choose to rest you head in a swanky hotel or a rustic farmhouse.  In terms of luxury hotels, Scotland has some of the best in the world.

There are also loads of activity centres, cute B+Bs and highland holiday cottages, so you can find accommodation to suit you. Here are some examples of the best accommodation options available for a Scottish break.
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Visiting Scotland in Luxury

December 6, 2011

The Gleneagles Hotel – Perthshire Scotland is a stunningly beautiful country – small but very varied, and with a wealth of ancient history and culture, where centuries-old traditions are upheld to the present day by the proud Scots. The famous landscapes of the Scottish highlands have been attracting visitors for hundreds of years, along with […]

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Norwegian Ocean Cruises

October 25, 2011

Voringsfoss waterfall The world is full of wondrous, unusual places, shaped by the elements of nature and left untouched by humankind. Instead of heading for somewhere popular and more famous, try looking for those amazing sites that lie waiting for discovery. The west coast of Norway is such a destination: formed by ancient glaciers, the […]

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Important Message

October 15, 2011

Our site is temporarily down.  We experienced a major server crash and lost all of our articles. We are working hard to recover our data.  Thank you for your understanding. Please visit: The Life of Luxury –

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